Success Stories

Jill Ninko

Age: 40

Before my training sessions

Prior to working with Ricky I was at 233 pounds and exercising when it was convenient.  My diet consisted of eating whatever I wanted.  While I do cook quite a bit, the convenience of going out to eat and not paying attention to what I was really consuming was easy to do.

My typical regimen for exercising before working with Ricky was biking, and while I went for 20 to 30 mile rides it wasn’t done consistently or with purpose of working out it was more something I just enjoyed doing.

After working with Ricky

The goals I had set while working with Ricky was to start losing weight through exercise and to eat better.  While I didn’t lose the weight as quickly as I wanted to, I was still seeing a difference while going through the training program.  To date I have lost 33 pounds, but I know that there is more to come.

Ricky has been instrumental in my success because he is a constant supporter in everything that I do.  In discussions about what diet works well, he offers suggestions and is open to learning about new things.  I’m currently doing the Whole 30 diet which has been a great way for me to reset my body to find out what I can and cannot tolerate.  From his weekly health tips and recipes to the motivation he brings when I am working in the gym with him he gives his clients 110% all the time.  He helps you celebrate your accomplishments and helps you through the tough times when things don’t seem to be working.  His perseverance, knowledge and positive attitude can turn any bad day into a great day to workout.  In working with him I know that I am accountable for what I achieve but he feels just as accountable for those results too. It’s helped me work harder and push myself further to reach my goals.


Marilyn Mascitti

Age: 30

Before my Training Sessions

When I first started working with Ricky, I had recently lost a decent amount of weight and was training for a few half marathons and my first triathlon.  I was in fairly good shape, but looking to improve muscle mass, drop body fat percentage, and gain speed.

I used to mainly follow running schedules for half marathons and/or complete various video training (things like Insanity and P90X).  There wasn’t a lot of variety, but I was very used to following a schedule and/or working out 5-6 times a week.  It was getting pretty boring and I wasn’t seeing the kind of progress that I wanted because of the monotony.

After Working with Ricky

After working with Ricky, I started making a lot of progress and meeting goals that I never thought I could.  My first goal was to complete a half marathon in less than 2 hours.  With Ricky’s help, I not only crushed my goal (1’53”), but also decreased my body fat percentage, and was able to focus not just on completing a triathlon, but doing it WELL.  Within one year, I had completed 2 triathlons, increasing in speed and strength, and was able to set and complete a major goal: finishing a Half Ironman in 2013.  I completed it in 6 hours and 30 minutes – over an hour faster than I estimated I could do it.  Without Ricky’s help, I never would have done so well.

Ricky and I have worked together for a long time and he knows how to push me to be my best.  I’m a highly competitive person and he has used that a lot to help keep me motivated and meet my goals.  He develops great workouts that really challenge me and have made me a better tri-athlete.  Because of the time we’ve spent working together, he’s been able to not only help meet my goals, but has helped me overcome some significant setbacks due to injury.

After the half Ironman, my next goal was to start doing pull-ups.  Unfortunately, I suffered a shoulder injury that led to eventual rotator cuff surgery.  Throughout that long questioning time (before and after surgery), Ricky was there for me, helping me continue to find workouts that I could do without irritating my injured shoulder.  I had to take 3-4 months off from any real workouts, and have lost a lot of my endurance and strength.  It’s been like starting from scratch, but thankfully, I’ve had Ricky to help!  We’ve been able to continue working together without causing further injury to the area.

There have been a lot of frustrating days and he has been incredibly conscientious about the injury and has helped me recover both physically and emotionally.  Ricky cheers me on all the time and kicks my butt when I need it J  At this point, I know that without him, I wouldn’t be getting back in shape at all.  I am so grateful for his help and I can’t wait to get back to triathlon training because I know that he’ll get me back to where I need to be!!  I have ALWAYS met my goals when I work with him and I can’t wait to get REALLY going on my training again!

Shawn Kosanke

Age: 18

Before my Training Sessions

I was 220 pounds, overweight and had no interest in working out. Aside from gym class, I didn’t exercise, and wouldn’t imagine doing anything physical on my own time. At first I was very unsure of if I wanted to work with a personal trainer, and wasn’t sure what to expect from the experience.

After Working with Ricky

After two years of working with Ricky, I enjoy exercising so much that I do it on my own sometimes. I am now able to run a mile comfortably, plus my bench press went from under 95lbs, to 145lbs. My weight has dropped 55 pounds, and I am now down to 165 pounds with 5 pounds to go to reach my goal!

Ricky has shown me how to make better choices on my diet and he has also made exercising a fun experience. Our sessions are always challenging. Sometimes we box, sometimes we lift weights. I love the variety.








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