5 Ways to Keep or Regain Your Momentum

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
  • Re-Write Your Goals- Even if you are on track to hit your current long term goals, re-write them word for word so you can reiterate what you had found to be so important when you started the year!If you have fallen off track, rewrite your long-term goals, and restructure them so you are able to attain whatever that goal is!
  • Embark on a new challenge- Go outside your comfort zone and try a new class or embark on a new challenge (biking, running, rock climbing)! The key is to keep exercise fun, fresh and exciting! If you can make exercise your hobby, you will find yourself looking good and feeling even better!
  • Add a New Recipe- If you are like me, you stick to staple recipes that you know you like, and sometimes that can get boring, and possibly through you off track do to boredom! Avoid that situation all together by going into your cookbooks or online and trying a new recipe that fits your tastes and is also healthy!
  • Remind Yourself Why You Started Your Journey- Sometimes it is easy to forget what got you motivated to begin with! Take some time out of your week to think about why good health is a major priority to you, what you want to achieve, and, most importantly, how you are going to feel when you get there!
  • NEVER, Ever be Satisfied- If you have had success these first two months of the year, great job, but yesterday is over as soon as today begins and almost no one cares about what you achieved last month! In order to reach your goals you need to stay focused and avoid complacency! So keep that mindset that what you accomplished or didn’t accomplish last month means nothing today! Because it doesn’t!

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