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10 Ways to Enhance Weight Loss

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hi There! Thanks for reading my blog! The website is pretty simple at the moment but, as I understand the tools and set-up, I will expand on things! Please enjoy my very first blog on 10 ways to Enhance Weight Loss! The process of weight loss can be broken down into simple steps, and honestly, if you followed these 10 steps you would lose weight, and quickly! Enjoy!!


10 Ways to Enhance Weight Loss

  1. During dinner, fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. A lean protein should take up the other half of the empty plate! Keep your lean meats as fish 75% of the time, and don’t worry so much about mercury, we die in mass amounts from chronic diseases! When was the last time you heard of someone dying from mercury poisoning?
  2. Stay away from sugary drinks. A recent study found that cutting back on sugary drinks enabled individuals to lose more weight than those who cut back on food. Drinks like soda are responsible for that sweet tooth that makes candy seem so delicious so cutting back on sugar drinks will decrease the candy cravings as well!
  3. Do short bouts of high intensity exercise(10-30 mins) 2 or more times a day rather than long bouts of cardio(30-90 mins). You will burn more calories doing short bouts and it is much less monotonous!
  4. Avoid Condiments all together! Take those unhealthy condiments, like mayo, off your food and you can reduce the amount of calories you consume by almost 200 calories per serving.
  5. Record your workouts, and food intake. One question, do you think you would eat something that is bad for you if you knew you were going to write down the health content of that food in a journal. Try tracking your diet for a week(one on one clients, you already are), it will effect what you eat!
  6. Go heavier with the weights. I say this a lot! We always need to challenge the muscles. I know one particular person who is concerned about bulking up, but it is a simple fact, if you have more muscle you burn more calories in every aspect of life. Even when you’re sitting on your couch you are burning more calories than someone who has less mass!!!
  7. Know the correct portion sizes and be aware of the recommended amount of portions for certain foods. Portion Sizes- Carbs- size of fist/ Lean Meat- size of an I-phone. For people who have strict diets, this is usually the killer.
  8. Include a lot of FIBER in your breakfast!
  9. Eat every 3 -4 hours, or about 5-6 times a day! The food has to be healthy though or this method fails badly!
  10. Stay Positive and consistent. The “long term gym rats”, for the most part, have times where they fall off the wagon too. The difference between them and those who aren’t in as good of shape are they get back on track faster, and they don’t let brief periods of inactivity bother them as much!